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Azarae agouti

Dasyprocta azarae

IUCN Status


Fruits, nuts, seeds, shoots and leaves.


Tropical rainforest and tropical dry forest in Peru


Agoutis often live alone or in small family groups, roaming the forest floor searching for fallen fruit and nuts. Agoutis, like many other rodents will freeze and remain motionless in the face of danger. They dig burrows under rocks and amongst tree roots. These secretive animals are naturally shy and will hide in their burrows when they feel threatened. Although they are naturally active during the daytime, if they live in an area where they are disturbed on a regular basis they will become nocturnal..


2 youngsters are born after a gestation of approximately 3 months. The young are kept in the burrow in a nest lined with leaves, roots and hair.

Fun Facts

Agouti's are known as jungle gardeners as they often bury nuts and seeds and forget where they put them, therefore helping new plants to grow.

At The Zoo

Our colony of agouti have dense undergrowth to run under and create a natural forest feel to their enclosure. The undergrowth is essential to prevent our native Tawny owls from stealing their young during the night!