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Parrot: Conure Blue-throated or Ochre-marked parakeet

Pyrrhura cruentata

IUCN Status
The declining population although still numbering 2,500 plus is now fragmented and only occurs in reserves. They are a “vulnerable” species according to the IUCN simply because of extensive logging leading to rainforest clearance where they live!


This species primarily eats the seed and fruit from two abundant rainforest trees the Cecropia and the Trema micrantha!


Tropical Brazilian Atlantic lowland Amazon forest in the canopy and near clearings. Anywhere Cecropia trees grow!


This a small flock loving parrot (parakeet) that feed and roost communally when not breeding.


In captivity two late and “a-synchronistic” clutches of 2 -6 eggs are laid compared to one clutch of 2 – 4 eggs in the wild. Like all parakeets they nest in holes in trees.

Fun Facts

This is an extremely pretty small parakeet. Originally imported as a pet species into Europe - now very few are kept or maintained privately as they require CITES exemption certificates for anybody to possess them!

At The Zoo

Our pair of birds have regularly bred twice a year for the last 5 years! Their first nest offspring have to be removed when the second clutch of eggs are laid and near hatch but the second clutch often remain with their parents until early winter each year!