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Parrot: Amazon blue-fronted parrot

Amazona aestiva

IUCN Status
This species is considered to be a pest as it raids farm crops and given the status of “least concern” by the IUCN. It has been heavily traded and it estimated that over 400,000 individuals have been exported from 1981- 2005. Declining from loss of ha


Fruit, seeds, some cultivated fruits such as mango and wild berries.


Drier tropical rainforest outside the Amazon in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay


This amazon like many other species outside of the breeding season combines roosts in safe and secure locations that can number many thousands of individuals of that locale.


Like other Amazons this is a tree-hole nester. An annual clutch of 3-5 white eggs are laid and incubated (by the female) for about 27 days and then reared to fledging by both parents after 60 days or so.

Fun Facts

An extremely good mimic (that talks well and likes to sing) in captivity and is a species that has adapted well to being a pet. A colony of these exist in Stuttgart in Germany that are escaped feral pets!

At The Zoo

Our pair have come from confiscated seizures by HMRC and love to talk! Often surprising many visitors when walking around, who can then while away a lot of time chatting to them and trying to teach them new sounds to mimic!