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Carnivore Experience

Carnivore experience (18 years of age +) £140.00 or £260.00 for two (please contact us to discuss a date)

For Health and Safety reasons and due to the range of activities being undertaken, the keeper experiences involving our bigger cats and dogs are only available to those over 18 years of age.

Relaxed Cheetah yawning with eyes closed Visitor feeds a Cheetahs through the fence of its enclosure

A very privileged VIP behind the scenes zoo animal experience and close encounter with our bigger cats and dogs with at least two cats and one dog from the following species: Puma, leopard, cheetah, fishing cat, sand cat, caracal, singing dog, bat eared foxes or maned wolf (maybe more depending on operational factors).

Relaxed puma laying in his enclosure

Get as close as a whisker to a leopard or puma and enjoy the interaction of our Papua New Guinea singing dogs while they take food straight from your hand. The experience will start at 10.00am with an introduction from the zoo owners or the curator where any Health & Safety issues will be discussed and your host keeper introduced. They will discuss with you over a cup of tea or coffee how Exmoor Zoo works with other zoos and the conservation projects we support and then you will be given a quick tour of the zoo kitchens and you will be off on your experience with your host keeper. This experience will be about 60 minutes in duration so do not forget to bring your camera!
While we will try to accommodate your preferences, we cannot guarantee your specified choice. All participants will get a commemorative certificate.

Maned wolf hunting the ground with one paw in the air Participant places food around the manned wolfs enclosure

Meet the team and find out much more about how the zoo operates, how zoos work closely together not only across the country, but across the world. Hear all about the conservation projects we support because we all strongly believe these animals should stay where they so rightly belong, in the wild!

Black Leopard walks past a tree in enclosure Participant being shown how to feed the Leopards

Time and circumstances permitting you may be able to help the keepers with some of our other cats and dogs. We will try to accommodate your preferences although we cannot guarantee your specified choice. We also cannot tell you in advance which specific carnivores will be participating as we always put their needs first and will not bother an animal who does not wish to join in the fun.
After your experience (about 45 - 60 minutes with the animals), you are free to wander around the zoo for the rest of the day. You are also welcome to bring guests along to watch you take part in your experience, although the normal admission fees will apply.

Close up of Singing dog playing with stick Two participants stroke the singing dogs in their enclosure

Activities may be subject to change on the day due to welfare or operational factors. The programme of activities is dependent on the capability of the participants, however, where it is possible, reasonable adjustment will be made to try to ensure that the experience is open to all. We cannot guarantee your chosen animal will be available on the day of your visit, if an animal doesn't want to play we will not make them! We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience; all participants must abide by the health and safety regulations of Exmoor Zoo.
You will not share activities with other participants; this is your personal experience.

Please phone to discuss available dates before completing a booking form

Please note: The booking payment is non refundable. The agreed date can not be changed in the last 7 days prior to the experience.


"What an amazing experience! Really friendly and helpful staff, right from the first phone call.

Loads of information, learnt a lot. Cuddles with the singing dogs and got up close to the big cats, best birthday present ever and we are already planning the next visit.

 Thank you so much! Worth every penny and more"

Shelly Harris, Cheryl Coker and Sophie Harris   17.12.2014