The main road from Barnstaple to Bratton Fleming will be closed for 9 days from 6th August. We suggest you use the A39 or the A399 to get to us. Alternatively phone 01598 763352 press 1 for directions
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Donate To Exmoor Zoo

Every year, Exmoor Zoo helps through funding, carefully selected conservation and education projects from anywhere in the world. Help us make a difference as we can make your donation go further and have more direct impact where it can do some discernible good.

Every time you visit some of your admission money is used to fund these conservation and education projects, so why not become a regular visitor and get an annual membership from us. Alternatively, any time you book into our Walk on the Wild side experience, 50% of your fee is used as a charity donation.

These are two of our more recent projects:

The zoo has raised money and aided in the creation of a new reserve (REGUA) in Brazil in the recent past in conjunction with the World Land Trust now established as This is preserving and re-creating lost Atlantic rainforest just outside of Rio de Janeiro where lion tamarins, spider monkeys and howlers which we exhibit are beginning to re-use.

More recently (for the last 3 years) the zoo has consistently co-funded (along with Linton Zoo, Cambridgeshire) a unique educational and conservation project deep in the heart of Guyana in northern South America. Referred to as the Yupukari head start turtle project it involves local village communities by the Yupukari river jointly getting involved in the recording, harvesting, release and re-education of their prized food source – the yellow spotted and giant river turtles. Part of the funds sponsor an annual turtle festival where the conservation and management message is the theme of the festival!

Thank you for considering supporting us.