The main road from Barnstaple to Bratton Fleming will be closed for 9 days from 6th August. We suggest you use the A39 or the A399 to get to us. Alternatively phone 01598 763352 press 1 for directions
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Research Projects

Group of students help with the Hedgerow sampling research Exmoor zoo takes its responsibilities as a BIAZA  zoo seriously and each year is glad to welcome students from universities, colleges and higher education establishments who wish to conduct research and research projects at the zoo. Research is an extremely important part of the work of a modern zoo, information collected on behavior, feeding habits, the affect our visitors have on animals etc all help us to improve animal management, enrichment and the way we care for the variety of birds and animals we are home to. Examples of some these can be seen by following the links on this page along with current BIAZA research guidelines.

If you would like to conduct research at the zoo or need assistance filling in a research questionnaire please contact the education department. or the zoo

Environmental enrichment

This happens all the time and some research projects have been based around aspects of this. For example, Halloween in 2011 at the zoo saw quite a varied use for our pumpkins. Nothing was wasted, seed and pulp was fed to the animals and even the carvivores with a few delicate smells and special treats got a chance to join in! 

Black leopard playing with straw stuffed pumpkin in a tree Lemur plays with a pumpkin as part of a enrichment project Tayra playing with head inside a pumpkin as part of enrichment project fishing cat playing with a straw stuffed pumpkin

A recent environmental research project involved "Pedro" our armadillo. This was conducted by Teri Oliver for her FdSc at Bicton College. Here is a quote she left after her succesfull project completion.

"My research project at Exmoor Zoo studied the impact of environmental enrichment on Pedro, the hairy armadillo. During long cold hours of observation all the staff were extremely supportive; they were welcoming, eager to help and genuinely interested in my work. The zoo staff went out of their way to accomodate my research and I am very grateful for their support".  
Teri Oliver, FdSc Animal Science, Bicton College.