The main road from Barnstaple to Bratton Fleming will be closed for 9 days from 6th August. We suggest you use the A39 or the A399 to get to us. Alternatively phone 01598 763352 press 1 for directions
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Zoo Trail

We feel that when you visit the most important purpose is to walk around and enjoy exploring the zoo! Exmoor zoo in the late Spring and summer has a lovely "tropical exploration" feel to the park. A  zoo trail is set out just so everybody does not miss any of the exhibits. The paths wind and places are hidden from each other and vegetation like the bamboo and gunnera give a very "jungle" like atmosphere.

Gunnera during spring along the zoo trail Exmoor Zoos Bamboo planted along the zoo trail

Keep a look out for all our native animals, birds and insects as you walk around as we do our best to encourage these. Orchids grow in some of the marsh paddocks, scabious offers food for our marsh fritillaries (butterflies) and the budlea magnificent in bloom in August can bring in hundreds of nectar feeding butterflies. What ever month you visit something native will be happening -  charms of goldfinch on seeding thistle in winter, bulfinches in the cold months of January and February raiding  the budlea seed heads, cheeky sparrows stealing feathers from our exotic birds in March and April to line their nests.

We have provided a few images of the trail to give you a feel for the zoo - but beware, we do have some animals and birds that live free within the confines of the zoo!

View of river enclosure from river bank split in zoo trail to side to cafe / eating area and the other to enclosures Zoo trail surrounded by vegetation during the winter sign along the zoo trail, in winter leading to the wolves and lemurs Bird sitting in middle of Zoo trail with trees and vegetation growing on both sides meerkat enclosure along zoo trail at Exmoor Zoo Bird enclosures along Zoo trail at Exmoor Zoo Zoo trail path over looking the valley Cross road on the zoo trail path, with wooden sign post

New for 2014

Nature trail extension

This winter the zoo has finished creating  a natural trail through the abandoned wildlife area below the cheetah enclosure. Most of the bramble, gorse and willow has been cut back and a path that enables our more able bodied visitors (it is very steep and steps have had to be incorporated) to walk along the stream at the bottom of the valley is now complete. It is our intention to allow a small flock of Soay sheep to roam free within the area to encourage the grass meadow to rejuvenate. Below are some current images! Chiffchaff, siskins, spotted flycatchers, black caps and little owls are just some of the birds that regularly use this area!

Nature trail stream with ferns and trees growing along the banks Nature trail steps leading uphill under tree Nature trail heading along the streams edge

Clearance of bushes and trees to make a path for the Nature trail New path and fence part of the Nature trail over looking the valley Bramble clearance to make a path for the Nature trail