The zoo is now open to visitors every day from 9.30am.

You must book a day visit slot independently of your admission ticket!

You must bring your own face covering as of friday 24th of July to enter and exit the zoo admissions, toilets and gift shop.

Day visit ticket booking:

Due to government regulations you will only be able to visit us if you book a ticket slot on the day of your choice. This will not cost you anything but you will be respectfully turned away if you arrive without doing this. Season ticket members will also have to book their ticket slot on the day of their intended visit.

NB: Due to the social distancing requirements you may have to queue at the peak arrival time of 10am to 11.30am particularly mid-week.

Please do not book unless you are sure you intend to visit.

1 ticket will cover up to 6 people. You ticket is valid to enter the zoo anytime from 9.30 am - 4.00pm (the zoo closes at 5.00pm)

It is worth giving us a call if we are sold out of day tickets as we have cancellations on a daily basis. 01598 763352 press 1 between 8.30 am and 5.00pm

Book your day visit space here  If you are booking a day slot on the day you are visiting you will not be able to book online tickets as we need 24 hours for them to download overnight but you will be able to pay on the door.

You will still need to purchase an "admission ticket" this can be done on our website here  or at the admission gate at the time of your arrival. Online tickets cannot be used and purchased on the same day they need 24 hours notice

Thank you all for your continued support - it has been amazing!  Your help, either through our “Fund our Zoo” appeal, by "sponsoring" our animals, buying a gift voucher or "animal experience" (to use when we open), updating your season membership tickets, visiting our "Amazon wish list" or just simply being there for us and talking with us on Facebook has helped lift our spirits!

Covid-19 has only retreated for now but some form of “normal” is returning. We may get this summer to meet you but please remember the zoo must survive on your admission through this forthcoming winter. Do not forget us and if you can support us any donations given will be used to help the zoo through into Easter 2021 and maybe a Covid free year!

Video of the zoo during the lockdown

A few changes

To comply with the covid regulations the zoo has to have limited entry so you must book a visit ticket on the day of your choice on the calendar Only one family, group or person can enter the reception at once and entering the zoo may be slower than usual but spacing cones mark the queue at the entrance behind the safety of barriers.

We will ask you to pick up a map at reception and that will contain an A5 guide to the zoo for the day. This will explain our covid regulations for the main areas such as the cafe, toilets, talks and playground.etc.

Once inside the zoo the existing zoo trail should be used as a one way system. Everything is open and commonsense must prevail if you get close to other visitors. The toilets are all open but again only one family, group or person at a time and these are cleaned regularily. The cafeteria is open but only for takeaway food and drink and we ask that just one person from each family or group approaches the cafe or joins in the queue. The playground is open but again you must get your children to clean their hands at the encounter zone before and after using the equipment. We respectively request that you try and keep your children to one peice of the playground apparatus at a time and wait for others to move away before playing on your selected choice.............. 

Just got back for the most fabulous day with our three children at exmoor zoo! This place is amazing, staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, even I learnt lots of new things....

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Visited with family with adults, a teenager and a pre schooler. Saw some wonderful animals but the best bit was the talks given by the education team...

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