All the latest news and events from Exmoor Zoo

  • Afrotherians rock the zoo!

    “Elephants at the Zoo? Really???”

    “Afrotherians rock the zoo!” “Meet an animal that is more African than a Zebra or a lion”!!

    Exmoor zoo has some unusual and often weird creatures on exhibit! Just … more

  • The USA miners cat comes to the UK!

    “The USA miners cat comes to the UK!”

    Exmoor zoo is unique amongst many UK zoos - here is just one reason why! These beautiful little animals are the first pair to be on exhibit in a zoo outside of … more

  • “Tree dwelling cats at the zoo”

    “Tree dwelling cats at the zoo”

    Are cats ground hunters or do they live in trees? If they really are tree dwellers then out of all the cats in the world the margay is perhaps the best suited for the … more

  • “Caracals take a leap into securing their future”!

    “Caracals take a leap into securing their future”!

    A good zoo should conserve. Whenever possible conserving a species will mean breeding. Exmoor zoo has just managed to pair their male caracal “Yoda” … more

  • A rare Madagascan oddity – the fanaloka!

    “A rare Madagascan oddity – the fanaloka!”

    In 2014 the Madagascan government allowed a pair of these animals into the UK for the first ever time. The government has since allowed another 5 unrelated … more

  • Hidden dogs from the unexplored Amazon jungle

    “Hidden dogs from the unexplored Amazon jungle”

    In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, well away from any people is a shy and secretive dog that has evolved to live and hunt in the dense wet and … more

  • New swingers at the zoo!

    “The new swingers at the zoo!”

    “Funky gibbon song near you”

    Exmoor zoo has been lucky to get recommended a possible breeding pair of lar gibbons to exhibit from the European breeding program. … more

  • Pretty Polly

    Pretty Polly

    “Parrots can really enjoy themselves out of the tropics where most of the 370 different species live!”“Today less and less people keep parrots as pets and it is down to the zoos and … more